Stamnagathi Sausages

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Stamnagkathi Sausages


The ultimate Cretan herb

Gluten FREE

Stamnagathi is a Greek variety of wild chicory that grows on the mountains of the island Crete. This nutrient rich Spiny Chicory is now being recognized for its many medicinal as well as culinary benefits. It is rich in vitamins E and C, Omega 3 fats, as well as a high concentration of calcium and iron. The sausage with Stamnagathi is unique because the wild Stamnagathi gives a wonderful and special taste, is smoked in beech wood, consist of fine quality pork and is a gluten-free product. The Stamnagathi sausage is ideal for pleasure lovers.

λουκάνικα πατερακης family - loukaniko paterakis family - sausages paterakis family

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