Sausage with Graviera

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Sausage with Cretan

cheese Graviera


With rich Cretan cheese taste

Gluten FREE

Graviera cheese comes in second to feta as the most popular cheese in Greece. It's a hard cheese with small irregular holes, a hard rind, and flavor ranging from slightly sweet and nutty to a bit spicy. The most common Cretan version comes from sheep's milk or sheep's milk mixed with a small amount of goat's milk. It’s a nutritionally rich cheese with a large amount of calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. The sausage with Graviera consists of 80% pure pork and is smoked in beech wood and with aromatic plants. The excellent Cretan Graviera and the combination with wild Cretan herbs such as thyme and oregano offering a product of rich flavor. These smoked gluten-free Graviera sausages are absolutely perfect for your next grilling party!

λουκάνικο πατερακης - loukaniko paterakis - sausage

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