Our company was founded in 1965 and it is one of the oldest and most pioneering companies in Chania. For over 30 years, consumers’ needs and requirements are our priority.
1965 One of the first pig farms in the Chania prefecture, with a capacity of 70 sows, is founded as a private enterprise Paterakis Nikos.
1972 The pig farm is modernized. Sheep and goat production is also added.
1977 A retail store for meat and related products is established in Sternes, Chania.
1988 Pateraki Agro-Farming General Enterprises Company is founded in the continuation of the individual company Paterakis Nikos.
1993 Our company acquires the original meat processing facilities and also starts importing from Europe.
1998 The extension and modernization of Paterakis SA’s installations in Sternes Akrotiri is approved. This creates an infrastructure for its further business moves.
1998 A residence was sold to the area of BIOPA in Chania 550m2 and refrigerated warehouses were built.
1998 Established an individual company of international transport of public use.
1999 A93 veterinary approval number for facility is assigned to the company for cutting and processing meat and producing meat products.
1999 The company “Trofoeisagogiki” is established to serve customers’ needs in frozen products.
2000 Veterinary approval number F37 of the cold store installation.
2000 The company Paterakis Pantelis is founded and the 4 truck refrigerators are purchased.
2001 The company launches the first preparation in the form of catering on the market.
2005 The veterinary number PE 75 for the cutting plant for boning of fresh meat production is approved in order to prepare products from chicken and freezing chicken products.
2005 The company is certificated by a quality assurance system HACCP in ELOT 1416 by QS ZURICH A. E.
2005 The company creates the new products “Paterakis family” and there are launched in Super Market chains.
2006 The company creates a range of traditional products “Paterakis Cretan products”.
2017 The company creates new products named as “The Cretan products”
2017 The company is certificated by a quality system FSSCC: 22000 by Q-FOOD SAFE
2017 The company renews the quality system ISO: 22000:2005 by Quality Service